Top Reasons to Choose Gelixir Gel Nail Polish

It’s no news that gel nail polish has become the most sought-after when it comes to beautifying fingernails. Its unbeatable and glossy nature makes it the favorite of all nail salon and DIY manicure treatments.

Nonetheless, the most intriguing part of gel polish is the zero fear of ripping your nails off while picking your stuff from your handbag.

Gelixir polish colors comes with standout materials that give your nails more substantial and closed attention than popular pigment. It can withstand your daily routine without chipping off.

In light of this, discover six secrets of keeping a long-lasting gel treatment that gives you healthy nails.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Gelixir Gel Nail Polish

Give your natural nails breathing space amidst gel therapies

Irrespective of the type of polish you use, be it gel or traditional lacquer, the truth remains that a typical manicure will still impair your natural nails. A flawed manicure procedure may cause your nails to dehydrate, thereby giving you a thinning nail plate. Also, the thickness of the coating ingredients in polish prevents natural oxygen flow in your nail beds.

The solution to this is to have a proper check-up on your natural nails at least every two weeks. This process helps determine your nails’ state should the nails be infected with some neglected disease that might be causing damages to your nail beds.  It is advisable to apply gel polish timeout so the pins can repair and rehydrate.

Desist from removing a peeling gel polish

From critical observation, this has become a regular act for gel polish users. You are forced to remove the nail when the color begins to peel, giving room for water to penetrate the nail. Unknowingly your nails shelter fungus and bacterial because the moment you start to peel, you will definitely pick the polish with it, so if you tear it off, then part of the nail’s layers go with it. It takes close to seven months for this flaw to heal.

However, it is safe to use gel nail polish for an extended period confirming the application and removal is professional. It only causes damages to the nails if they are forcefully peeled off.

Take cognizant of the gel ingredients

Often, we ignore the most critical factors causing gel nail polish harm. Some ingredients like Formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) are the culprit behind harmful gel reactions on nail polish.  These ingredients cause inflammation and other harmful effects like liver and thyroid malfunctioning on the general body system.

Interestingly, Gelixir polish does not contain this toxic ingredient hence the safe use.

Try wearing rubber gloves before a hot bath

Hot water is the most common enemy of gel polish, and that’s why it’s one of the recommended ways of getting them off. Excess soaking in a hot bath, shower, or dishwashing causes lifting, hence rubber glove suggestion.

The only Soak off process can be toxic

Taking off shining manicured nails is not as easy as maintaining them. The removal procedure can be excruciating if not performed adequately.  Scraping the nail plate with the file after acetone treatment can cause more harm than expected. Follow the professional ways of lifting your gel nail polish or, better still, visit a professional manicurist.

Hydrate your nails regularly

The same importance you attribute to regular drinking of water for a healthy body system applies to your nail’s health as well. Normalize nail hydration as much as you can at each visit to your salon.  It helps keep healthy natural and artificial nails.

How do I apply my gel nail polish?

No doubt, Gel nail polish is stunning. But it can be frustrating for a starter when it comes to application and removal. It’s, however, easy to master if you truly want to be a pro. To make it easy for you, here is the step-by-step process of gel nail polish.

Have a clean nail

You must have cleaned and dried your nails so the nail gel polish can stay on track.

Jerk the gel polish well

For smooth and neat nail polish, the gel needs to be shaken to have an even solution.

Cover your nail cuticle with Aquaphor 

In case you mistakenly get some gel on your cuticles, it will be on the Aquaphor, and you can easily wipe it off.

Use thin layers

Avoid stuffing your nails with gel, as you might have to clean them off after the procedure.

Paint the free end

It’s essential to paint the free edge of the nail for a clean nail.

Get rid of excess polish before curing

Clean the gel off your skins before curing with LED or UV light; hence the stain won’t go off.

Apply Topcoat after curing

Apply the topcoat to the color thoroughly after curing.


It’s essential to hydrate your nails after removing the gel to maintain a more substantial pin.


As much as we have countless gel polish manufacturers today, quality products are hard to come by. Gelixir gel nail polish is the right choice for glossy and stronger nails.